Grimveil Quests

Session 1: It Started in a Small Town

Party Members: America, Braumeus, Devom, End, Noctis

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 5

Party members arrive at the town of Lakeview, in Kranz. Looking to join the Adventurer’s League and having heard that a clan master named Warden works as a barkeep at the WildFire Mug Inn, the party arrives at the tavern looking to prove themselves. They accept a quest from Warden to look into the disappearances of several children from the town. Warden hands them the picture of a small blonde boy with a scar on his right cheek named Abraham, who is the son of a farmer out in Olsen’s Farmstead. He was last seen playing near the edge of the farmstead at the foot of a nearby hill. Short on leads, the party heads out into town to see what information can be found. The party comes across a guard posting a poster of a boy named Ulricht, who is also missing. The party sets out towards the farmstead in search of clues.

The party borrows a horse-drawn wagon from the local guard station free of charge (courtesy of Warden and the sheriff), leaves Lakeview, and makes for a trek out to Olsen’s Farmstead. On Carpenter’s Road, off to the South, they spot a group of lights and dark figures packed closely together a mile away. Two of the group, End, Devom, and Noctis the rogue, decide to set off to investigate the lights while the other two stay with the horses on the road. As the three begin their approach through the field of tall wheat, a black-robed figure approaches them and warns them that they shan’t dare interrupt a sacred rite. They engage in battle and kill the robed figure. Searching through his belongings, they find an odd key with a winged serpent design.

The three return to the wagon and inform the others of what happened. They set off and find that the lights have gone out, but when they find the spot where they were huddled, they find the wheat flattened out in a circle with several black melted candles encircling the body of a small child severely desiccated, whom they identify as little Abraham. His body is loaded up into the wagon and the group returns to Lakeview, handing off the body and wagon. The party speaks with the sheriff, detailing the events that transpired that night out at Olsen’s Farmstead. The sheriff, finding them competent and powerful fighting-men, offers the party a new quest: to find the group of robed figures they saw and where they are located.

The party returns to Warden at the Wildfire Mug Inn, but instead find his daughter working the nightly shift. Her shrieks at the warforged End alerts Warden who then comes to greet the group. Warden appears distressed at their findings and vows to make them pay, requesting that the party help him do so. Grateful, Warden offers them the bottom floor of his clan house so they may use it as a base of operation, as his own clan members are off on their own adventures. The party rests at the house of clan DualHorn.



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