Grimveil Quests

Session 3: Stoned Priests and The Legend of Wolf's Ass

Party: Alden, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 9

Several of the group members rapidly progress, growing sicker and sicker. Warden thanks them for their services but decides their symptoms show signs of a savage disease and has them hauled off to a far off city to be treated. Warden finds the halfling child’s worried parents and returns Roman to them.

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

Whilst Braumeus the cleric sees the other party members wagoned off, End and Devom rise early in the morning to pay Warden a visit. At his inn, they find him at the bar, not yet open for business but conversing quietly with two men seated at the counter. Warden tells Devom and End that he suspects they may find clues of the Worg Queen and the kidnappers down at the Wolves Den at the cliffs near Priest Hill. The duo are about to take off when Warden sends one of the men at the counter to assist them with their search. Alden Greenthorn, a half-elf and overly polite ranger eager to prove himself sets out with End and Devom. The party soon finds themselves on Capitol Road, the high-road between Kranz and Doburnan, the realm of the dwarves of the Iron Hills, and the path where they came from into Lakeview. As they carry on with their travels, they are suddenly attacked by a large brown bear who sees End. In a very violent display of power, the bear savagely mauls the warforged with his powerful arms, only to have the ironclad warrior cut the bear in half with his mighty great sword as Devom peppers the bear with arrows. In his nervousness, Alden fails to notice the bear at first and stumbles to ready his bow, but before he can loose an arrow, the bear’s life is no more. In a display of victory, End decides to take the bear’s head as trophy, and wears the upper half of it’s head as a grizzly hat. Devom and Alden, not wanting to set him off further, quietly continue towards the Wolves Den. The party arrives at the foot of Priest Hill. Here they find a stone sun dial with a sun symbol engraved into it along with some mountain flowers and a golden coin.

The party offers a prayer to the sun god, Devom and Alden each placing a coin and flowers, while End scoops up a dandy lion and dirty with grass, tossing it unto the offering pedestal at the foot of the dial. The party decides they may get a better lay of the land if they use the altitude of Priest Hill to their advantage, so they decide to climb the zig zag path up the hill. At the top, they find a lone little monastery. The daylight begins to fade but the party is able to gain entrance to the monastery. Their door-knocking is answered by a terrified priest who is left speechless and horrified at the sight of a tall bloodied-bear head-wearing mechanical brute. Alden tells the priest not to worry, that they come in peace and are sent by Warden to seek the missing children of Lakeview. Devom offers the priest some smoking grass to calm him, which works. The priest dismisses his initial bought of fear, and for a moment, forgets the presence of a bear-head wearing metal man, welcoming them into the front hall of the monastery. Here, the priest introduces himself as Marthel, and introduces End to the concept of religion, offering him a book called Yaestael’s Prophecies: Volumes 1-4. The party confers the information of their quest to Marthel, and the priest offers them healing.

The group descends from Priest Hill from the South Western side, down towards the cliff. They peer off into the grounds below in front of the overhang and see that there are several animal trials winding back and forth between the cliffs and Martha’s Wood. Upon arriving at these fields, the party is attacked by several wolves. The party dispatches most of them, but the remainder of them scamper off into hiding. End manages to spit-roast one of them unto his greatsword, and decides to name his new wolf weapon “Wolf’s Ass”. One of them runs off behind a few rock outcroppings, revealing the position of a cave entrance. The party hides behind some bushes outside in case the wolf returns with reinforcements. Eventually, after some hours, a robed human with the same sickly grey complexion as the others they’ve fought emerges from the cave with another wolf at his side. Devom and Alden both dispatch the wolf and injure the robed figure. As the figure makes back for the cave, End intercepts him, killing him. The party rummages through his belongings and find another key, this time, one with a wolf design. The party enters the cave. In it, they find a tunnel that slopes downwards for 90 feet. At half the tunnel’s length, they find a small den that appears to be the living chamber of the robed cultist and his wolves. From here, they leaves and continue down the tunnels remaining length. The tunnel lets out into a large dark chamber. They descend a slippery slope of jagged rocks outcroppings to find themselves standing in front of a large puddle of moving water. Their torchlight reveals a massive ship of some kind, yet it becomes quite a mystery to figure how such a structure could have wound up here in the first place. The ship appears to have a giant vertical break, allowing them to enter.

Within the corpse of the giant ship, they find a strange corridor of smooth and metal floor and walls with several large glass tubes following the length of both walls, all of them broken save for one, containing a very strange aberration corpse. Beyond this hall, they find themselves in a round chamber, with odd glowing runes pulsing aglow with a sinister red shine as their magical energy seems to emit from a central throne of metal. The throne has two large white crystal orbs at the ends of each arm rest, and at the headrest, a round orb with a wicked purple light flickering on and off. The light of the gem is enticing, and Devom reaches out to it. Upon grasping the gem, time seems to stop for Devom, and the entire room is flooded in a hellish scarlet, though End nor Alden seem to notice. Devom suddenly feels a strange menacing presence standing behind him, close at his neck, breathing down into his soul and flooding his mortal spirit with an urge to succumb to the entity’s will. Suddenly, Devom thinks he can see sunlight fill the room, or perhaps his soul, and the sudden grip of darkness that was about to consume him instantly vanishes. He does not tell the rest what transpired and simply pockets the now dim gem away. As though as a response to the gem being removed, the large vessel begins to quiver and fall. The party rushes out the room and narrowly makes it out in one piece as the large Cyclopean structure begins to crumble and fall behind them.

Having sustained some injury, the party opts to return to the outer world. As they reach the top of the ramp of jagged stone outcroppings, a sudden breeze filled with arrows pelts the ground nearest their feet. Alden returns fire, hoping to deter the attackers, but the others rush him along out, as the last thing they need is to fight an enemy with ranged weapons they cannot see. Now late at night, they return to the monastery at Priest Hill. They are once more greeted by Marthel, and they request healing. Marshall welcomes them and introduces them to Father Brizmor, an old human man who was apparently gone for several days. Marthel speaks with the party about how their sanctuary was attacked right after they left by several strange fellows who posed as weary travelers on the run from a monster, and that father Brizmor only recently returned from a trip a few moments ago. Upon letting in the wayward travelers, they harmed several of the priesthood and destroyed many of their books before leaving them with a warning that any who stand in the Worg Queen’s path shall know true terror, and that she will not tolerate any opposition to her will. Brizmor and Marthel offer the group a nights rest and healing. As Devom and Alden sleep in a utility room, End stands watch, peering out through a window next to the entrance doors.



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