Grimveil Quests

Session SQ 1: To the Hall of Twelve

Party: Braumeus, Bran

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

After seeing off the ill members of the party, Braumeus returns to the house of clan DualHorn. Here, he rests for some brief moments by the fireplace until a knock comes at his door. Answering it, he sees a dainty redhead human girl standing in the darkness of the early morning asking for Warden. He tells her he is not in, however, thinking that he is covering for Warden, she swiftly shuts the door behind them and grapples Braumeus, slapping manacles unto his wrist. She tells him that if Warden won’t see her, then perhaps kidnapping him will draw him out. She goes to look for rope in the utility room nearby and Braumeus takes this chance to get up off his knees and quietly leave. He breaks his manacles and takes the nearest coach towards the Wildfire Mug. On the way there, he sees Devom and End in the distance, in the company of another fellow, making towards the Southern gate. At the Wildfire Mug, he finds Warden speaking quietly with a single fellow wearing dark clothing. Braumeus informs Warden of the events that transpired. Warden relates to him that the girl’s name is Matilda, and that she is the daughter of an old love interest of his who is obsessed with getting revenge on him.

He explains that in the past, he gave the woman a very precious necklace as a proposal of marriage, but that soon after he found that she had been unfaithful to him with none other than his friend who was a noble. His friend, in great shame, decided that the only escape for him was suicide. Later, many years passed until Warden learned that his former fiance had since become a powerful leader of Clan Corvus, and that she had become pregnant from his friend the noble and had a daughter named Matilda. Matilda was born with a terrible deformity on her chest and back, and her mother convinced her it was caused by Warden who had supposedly beaten her during her pregnancy before finally abandoning her to raise Matilda on her own. Warden claimed that this was a consequence to his stealing the necklace back from Lara, the leader of Clan Corvus. Suddenly, as this took place, Matilda came barging through the door in the company of two guards. She pointed at Braumeus and Warden, claiming they beat her. To Braumeus’s surprise, her arms and face were covered in what appeared to be bruises. They splashed her with a bucket of water, and her bruises were revealed to be nothing more than cleverly applied cosmetics. As the guards began to haul her off, she spat a warning at Warden that he will pay for what he’s done to her and her mother.

Braumeus asks Warden if there’s anything he can do to be of some use whilst the others are off searching for the cult’s base. Warden informs Braumeus that the symbol they found from the bug bear during the interrogation in the woodland South of Olsen’s Farmstead may hold the key to who and what the cult is and what they’re all about. He then tells him that it is likely he will find information from a man named Lazurford Pendragon, the sole keeper of the ancient library in the Hall of Twelve, the ruins of an old sages’ college in the judicial district at the capitol city, Vykandor. Unfortunately, Vykandor city lies North of the Rumbling Mountains, and the quickest way to cross the mountain range is through the Jai’Hai’Ki Tunnels. No one has been returning from the tunnels, and even the two guard patrols that were sent out some days ago have yet to return. A messenger in horseback was sent to the guard garrison stationed just outside the tunnels, however, he too has not returned. Braumeus volunteers to investigate the matter further, and much to his surprise, the robed man sitting at the counter opts to join him. The man is a roguish type who goes by the name “Bran”, and although his demeanor is secretive, the fact that he is a trusted ally to Warden is enough for Braumeus. Bran tells the cleric of a stable keeper who owes him a favor, and that they may procure free rental horses for their journey to the tunnels. The two take some hours to prep their supplies and mounts.



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