Grimveil Quests

Session 4: Into the Wolf's Mouth

Party: Brizmor, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 11

Some time shortly after midnight, End spots several lumbering skeletons shambling about in the dark of night outside the monastery. He lets out a thunderous alarm shout and the entire monastery comes rushing out in surprise. End informs fathers Brizmor and Marthel of the undead outside. Marthel tells the party that the skeletons have appeared in recent weeks, but unlike most undead, have not shown signs of hostility. Marthel tells them they are too numerous for them to handle, but that they should be safe now that Brizmor has returned. One of the corpses outside begins to approach the monastery at the window. This corpse, however, seems to be in an early state of decay compared to the others. He appears to be wearing a necklace with a sun medallion on it. Father Brizmor identifies him as the reason for his trip; the corpse is that of a missing priest named Campus, who had gone missing some days earlier. Brother Campus tells the party that his will and the will of the other corpses are being controlled by a dark entity serving the Worg Queen, and that she wishes to unleash the power of Fenrir upon the world. He tells the party that she is currently somewhere in the depths of a cave near the Wolves Den. The last light of control that Campus has over his corpse dwindles, and he begs the warforged to end their suffering, and his corpse as well as the several other skeletons outside begin to savagely attack the entrance door. The party readies their weapons to attack anything that comes in. As the corpses burst through and destroy the door, father Brizmor looses a brilliant stream of sunlight that crackles with the fires of holiness, instantly obliterating a great majority of the corpses. The party dispatches the remaining undead. End stands guard where the door was and keeps watch as he listens to the others speak. Alden decides it best if he left for Lakeview to gather reinforcements. Vowing to avenge his friend Campus, Brizmor decides he will join the party on their return trip to the cave.

As the sun begins to rise, the party leaves the monastery, and End picks up and keeps Campus’s necklace. They head towards the tunnel. Upon returning to the slope of jagged rocks within the cave, the party finds themselves once again assaulted by arrows. This time, they are able to see a group of robed figures carrying a torchlight at the far end of the chamber. The huddled figures seem to be traveling along a ledge on the cave wall in the distance, and soon, they stand at the top of such a ledge near another ramp that leads down unto where the party is. One of their members call out, asking them what business they have in the cavern. End steps forth and tells the voice that they come bearing a message for the Worg Queen. The voice decides to accept the message on the condition that he and End meet face to face. The two meet in the darkness of the cavern. The robed figure removes his hood and reveals himself to be a drow named Darven of House Varendell. End delivers the message that the Worg Queen and all other weaklings shall be crushed, and the drow appearing amused, tells the warforged that he has no idea what he is getting into. The drow slinks off into the shadows and then rushes up the wall to the ledge where his companions are. End attempts to give chase to them, but one of them throws a torch towards the ramp leading to the ledge where they are, instantly lighting it on fire. End reals back and runs from the approaching inferno. The party eventually follows the ripples of water and find the source of the moving water in the cavern, a small streaming waterfall coming down several rocks. They climb the rocks and find themselves in front of another tunnel entrance with torch lights on each side of the opening. This must be where the drow and his companions disappeared into. They climb into the tunnel, as it leads into a hall of stone in the depths of darkness. Following the length of the tunnel in the guidance of torchlight, they come across a staircase that goes further down. This opens into a chamber where they encounter a the drow who spills a bag of black slimy snakes with little glowing red eyes. They spit acid at the party, but Devom throws a torch into the room and the snakes coil away in fear. The party dispatches the vermin.



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