Grimveil Quests

Session 5: Dungeons & Drugs

Party: Brizmor, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 11

End, Devom, and Brizmor continued on past the small room where Darven threw several black slithers at Devom earlier. Upon inspection of the small black ooze-like snakes, Brizmor informs the party that these tiny serpents are used in a dark procedure before a corpse is raised as an undead. A corpse that has died only recently can quickly have its mind preserved during undeath by replacing their blood with black slithers. This explains how the previous “cultists” encountered appeared undead yet retained the ability to speak and act intelligently. The group moved past a broken doorway before they came across a blackened room. Here, End threw a torch into the center of the room to provide lighting. The light of the torch filled the room, revealing several pieces of furniture which cast tall shadows that danced as the flame flickered on the dry stone ground. Darven the drow came forth from the opposite end of the room, along with his concert of robed figures, though these were not grey-skinned like the other “cultists”, but rather very much alive. Darven boldly stepped forward, confronting the party. Here, he addresses Devom as “prince”. Darven exclaims that he is the one who has been kidnapping the children of Lakeview, posing as a cult in order to draw Devom forth so that he may kill him, as per his contract with someone Darven refers to as Devom’s father, a king. As he was tracking Devom, he learned of his desire to join the Adventurer’s League, and so decided to post a quest to lure him in. Mid-sentence, Devom begins to recognize the voice and face of the drow. His eyes widen and he instantly begins attack the drow with his bow. The drow elegantly dodges most of their attacks, returning the aggression with both sword and thunderous spells.

On the edge of defeat, Brizmor comes to the two’s aid by calling upon the graces of the sun father, healing their wounds. It is then when the battle comes to an end. But alas! The drow feins death and as Devom aims his blade at him, Darven begins to run from the melee, casting a spell of poisonous gas into Devom’s mouth which nearly kills him. He makes for a door to a different chamber in the complex, but End rushes forth and rams his great sword through the drow’s back!! Here, his body goes limp, but in his final moments, Darven utters a curse that they will know the full wrath of House Varendell. End, not caring to listen to his words, promptly proceeds to tear his head off. After several exchanges between Brizmor and End regarding the treatment of the corpse, End had some thinking to do concerning his savagery and the insight given him by Father Brizmor concerning the nature of true power (stuff like self-control, knowing when to use power, having something to fight for, etc.). During this time, Devom was caught by the priest trying to collect a finger from the drow as a trophy, and he too received a scolding. Brizmor decided then to search for any children that may still be alive. In the chamber that Darven seemed to be trying to run towards before his death, he found two children still alive, but in a cage behind several crates in this storage room. The cage was highly reinforced and a giant lock mechanism that kept the cage door shut tight. After failing to open the cage with either the serpent key or wolf key, the party finally decided that brute force may be their only course. End stood in front of the cage and attempted to break the bars, but he found the cage ridiculously dense and large as though unfitting for two mere children. Eventually, the party found the proper key on the body of one of the dead robed kidnapper’s in the previous chamber.

This key managed to unlock the cage and the children were freed. The party then began to open and sift through the several crates about the room. Most were empty, but some were filled with brick-like objects wrapped in waxed canvas sheets. Removing the wrapping revealed blocks of tightly packed smoking grass of some kind. Devom decided to try it, despite Brizmor protesting that it was not moral to carelessly do drugs, especially in the presence of two severely traumatized children. Brizmor suddenly recalled that several decades ago, there was a prominent group of drug smuggler’s whose leaders were nicknamed the Serpent and the Wolf, and that this underground complex must be their old base of operations. After searching several of the other rooms in the complex, End discovered a small office with a finely crafted desk and an ordinary bookshelf. Here he removed the bookshelf and found a curving tunnel. Within it he found a fine little box with two key holes. Here, the group found that the two keys were used to reveal platinum coins stashed within the tiny chest. End and Devom then left Brizmor to care for the children, and decided to enter one final room. Here they found a particularly obese robed man sleeping in a room full of beds. End roused him from his sleep, then prompted to snap his neck after the blubber-butt decided it wise to lie to a huge robot man’s face. End obtained a spell-component pouch from this guy. Fed up with the party, Brizmor decided it was no longer prudent to keep children in the complex and decided to leave back out towards the tunnel. The party followed.

As Brizmor exited the complex into the chamber that held the ship ruins, Alden and some three human townsmen came in with weapons in hand. Brushing Alden off, Devom simply commanded him to be of some use and carry a crate of the weed from the other chamber. End decided he wanted the finely crafted desk, a plain greataxe, and some books he found in the office room. The children both thanked the party, and one even handed End a small wooden block he had roughly carved into a small knight with a great sword and armor while he was being held captive. End tied the figurine into a necklace and wore it and one of the two boys smiled at him, telling him he hoped that one day, he could grow up to be brave and strong like him. Upon exiting into the surface world, the party followed Brizmor, who was walking far ahead with the children. Devom and End caught up with the priest and asked him where he was planning to take the children. He planned to take them to the monastery to feed them and giving them a place to sleep, as it was soon to begin becoming dark. Devom and Brizmor got into a final argument which resulted in the father severing ties with the two, as he no longer wanted to deal with Devom’s casually detached attitude with something that began due to his presence in Lakeview.



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