Grimveil Quests

Session SQ 2: Hobos and Bounty Hunters

Party: Braumeus, Bran

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

Braumeus and Bran set off on Capital Road, in the direction of the Jai’Hai’Ki Tunnels. The morning was still dark as though it was night. The duo headed out into the highroad with riding horses and their gear. Not knowing what they might find at the tunnel where none of recent day who’s gone to investigate has returned, the pair prepared sufficient supplies for two weeks. On their way, they encounter a vagabond in a tree. The man in the branches appeared to the party as a stray with dirt-caked leathery skin, trying to reach into the upper parts of the canopy for a honey hive. Braumeus and Bran help him down with a rope, and scold him about the dangers of provoking a hive full of bees. The vagabond begins to follow the duo, speaking of how they will travel together, but the two readily reject this. Braumeus leaves the man food, a waterskin, and 20 pieces of gold. He sits on a small dirt ledge jutting from the grass. Several miles into their journey, the two encounter what appears to be an orc in the distance, steadily approaching and apparently not taking notice of the party. Though the party hadn’t realized this, the vagabond had followed them at a distance. As the group had stopped, considering what to do about the orc, the stray man walked between the two horse-mounted adventurers and commenced to hail the orc. Now taking notice of the party ahead of him, the orc began to charge with a great axe drawn.

Braumeus scooped the foolish beggar as Bran shot a cautionary arrow at the charging orc, the two turning tail quickly. The group returned to Lakeview and warned the guards to keep an eye out for an orc. The guards began to shoo the vagabond away, but fearing for his safety, Braumeus gave the guards sufficient coin to pay for the man’s stay at an inn for a while. Braumeus and Bran begin their trek once again, and upon arriving the area where they had encountered the orc, they found nothing but a small stain of blood from when Bran shot the orc with his bow. As they passed this point, a wide net trap suddenly sprung from the ground in front of the horses, causing the adventurer’s to become tangled in the grid of rope. The orc leaped from nearby tall grasses and began attacking the group. After a violent struggle where Bran began dying, to the rogue’s surprise, Braumeus healed him and retrieved the horses, healing them as well. Bran began searching for the orc’s things he had seen him carrying earlier. Surely enough, from the tall grass nearby, Bran found a bag and began searching through the contents. Here he found a letter that seemed to be a bounty for a tall and powerful stone and metal being, marked with a mysterious gear symbol on the wax seal. The party instructs the orc to find this being and capture, not kill him. They also find 200 gold pieces, minted with the Burgundian gnomish inscriptions of that kingdom. Bran then buries the orc in a shallow grave.



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