Grimveil Quests

Session 5: Dungeons & Drugs

Party: Brizmor, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 11

End, Devom, and Brizmor continued on past the small room where Darven threw several black slithers at Devom earlier. Upon inspection of the small black ooze-like snakes, Brizmor informs the party that these tiny serpents are used in a dark procedure before a corpse is raised as an undead. A corpse that has died only recently can quickly have its mind preserved during undeath by replacing their blood with black slithers. This explains how the previous “cultists” encountered appeared undead yet retained the ability to speak and act intelligently. The group moved past a broken doorway before they came across a blackened room. Here, End threw a torch into the center of the room to provide lighting. The light of the torch filled the room, revealing several pieces of furniture which cast tall shadows that danced as the flame flickered on the dry stone ground. Darven the drow came forth from the opposite end of the room, along with his concert of robed figures, though these were not grey-skinned like the other “cultists”, but rather very much alive. Darven boldly stepped forward, confronting the party. Here, he addresses Devom as “prince”. Darven exclaims that he is the one who has been kidnapping the children of Lakeview, posing as a cult in order to draw Devom forth so that he may kill him, as per his contract with someone Darven refers to as Devom’s father, a king. As he was tracking Devom, he learned of his desire to join the Adventurer’s League, and so decided to post a quest to lure him in. Mid-sentence, Devom begins to recognize the voice and face of the drow. His eyes widen and he instantly begins attack the drow with his bow. The drow elegantly dodges most of their attacks, returning the aggression with both sword and thunderous spells.

On the edge of defeat, Brizmor comes to the two’s aid by calling upon the graces of the sun father, healing their wounds. It is then when the battle comes to an end. But alas! The drow feins death and as Devom aims his blade at him, Darven begins to run from the melee, casting a spell of poisonous gas into Devom’s mouth which nearly kills him. He makes for a door to a different chamber in the complex, but End rushes forth and rams his great sword through the drow’s back!! Here, his body goes limp, but in his final moments, Darven utters a curse that they will know the full wrath of House Varendell. End, not caring to listen to his words, promptly proceeds to tear his head off. After several exchanges between Brizmor and End regarding the treatment of the corpse, End had some thinking to do concerning his savagery and the insight given him by Father Brizmor concerning the nature of true power (stuff like self-control, knowing when to use power, having something to fight for, etc.). During this time, Devom was caught by the priest trying to collect a finger from the drow as a trophy, and he too received a scolding. Brizmor decided then to search for any children that may still be alive. In the chamber that Darven seemed to be trying to run towards before his death, he found two children still alive, but in a cage behind several crates in this storage room. The cage was highly reinforced and a giant lock mechanism that kept the cage door shut tight. After failing to open the cage with either the serpent key or wolf key, the party finally decided that brute force may be their only course. End stood in front of the cage and attempted to break the bars, but he found the cage ridiculously dense and large as though unfitting for two mere children. Eventually, the party found the proper key on the body of one of the dead robed kidnapper’s in the previous chamber.

This key managed to unlock the cage and the children were freed. The party then began to open and sift through the several crates about the room. Most were empty, but some were filled with brick-like objects wrapped in waxed canvas sheets. Removing the wrapping revealed blocks of tightly packed smoking grass of some kind. Devom decided to try it, despite Brizmor protesting that it was not moral to carelessly do drugs, especially in the presence of two severely traumatized children. Brizmor suddenly recalled that several decades ago, there was a prominent group of drug smuggler’s whose leaders were nicknamed the Serpent and the Wolf, and that this underground complex must be their old base of operations. After searching several of the other rooms in the complex, End discovered a small office with a finely crafted desk and an ordinary bookshelf. Here he removed the bookshelf and found a curving tunnel. Within it he found a fine little box with two key holes. Here, the group found that the two keys were used to reveal platinum coins stashed within the tiny chest. End and Devom then left Brizmor to care for the children, and decided to enter one final room. Here they found a particularly obese robed man sleeping in a room full of beds. End roused him from his sleep, then prompted to snap his neck after the blubber-butt decided it wise to lie to a huge robot man’s face. End obtained a spell-component pouch from this guy. Fed up with the party, Brizmor decided it was no longer prudent to keep children in the complex and decided to leave back out towards the tunnel. The party followed.

As Brizmor exited the complex into the chamber that held the ship ruins, Alden and some three human townsmen came in with weapons in hand. Brushing Alden off, Devom simply commanded him to be of some use and carry a crate of the weed from the other chamber. End decided he wanted the finely crafted desk, a plain greataxe, and some books he found in the office room. The children both thanked the party, and one even handed End a small wooden block he had roughly carved into a small knight with a great sword and armor while he was being held captive. End tied the figurine into a necklace and wore it and one of the two boys smiled at him, telling him he hoped that one day, he could grow up to be brave and strong like him. Upon exiting into the surface world, the party followed Brizmor, who was walking far ahead with the children. Devom and End caught up with the priest and asked him where he was planning to take the children. He planned to take them to the monastery to feed them and giving them a place to sleep, as it was soon to begin becoming dark. Devom and Brizmor got into a final argument which resulted in the father severing ties with the two, as he no longer wanted to deal with Devom’s casually detached attitude with something that began due to his presence in Lakeview.

Session SQ 2: Hobos and Bounty Hunters

Party: Braumeus, Bran

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

Braumeus and Bran set off on Capital Road, in the direction of the Jai’Hai’Ki Tunnels. The morning was still dark as though it was night. The duo headed out into the highroad with riding horses and their gear. Not knowing what they might find at the tunnel where none of recent day who’s gone to investigate has returned, the pair prepared sufficient supplies for two weeks. On their way, they encounter a vagabond in a tree. The man in the branches appeared to the party as a stray with dirt-caked leathery skin, trying to reach into the upper parts of the canopy for a honey hive. Braumeus and Bran help him down with a rope, and scold him about the dangers of provoking a hive full of bees. The vagabond begins to follow the duo, speaking of how they will travel together, but the two readily reject this. Braumeus leaves the man food, a waterskin, and 20 pieces of gold. He sits on a small dirt ledge jutting from the grass. Several miles into their journey, the two encounter what appears to be an orc in the distance, steadily approaching and apparently not taking notice of the party. Though the party hadn’t realized this, the vagabond had followed them at a distance. As the group had stopped, considering what to do about the orc, the stray man walked between the two horse-mounted adventurers and commenced to hail the orc. Now taking notice of the party ahead of him, the orc began to charge with a great axe drawn.

Braumeus scooped the foolish beggar as Bran shot a cautionary arrow at the charging orc, the two turning tail quickly. The group returned to Lakeview and warned the guards to keep an eye out for an orc. The guards began to shoo the vagabond away, but fearing for his safety, Braumeus gave the guards sufficient coin to pay for the man’s stay at an inn for a while. Braumeus and Bran begin their trek once again, and upon arriving the area where they had encountered the orc, they found nothing but a small stain of blood from when Bran shot the orc with his bow. As they passed this point, a wide net trap suddenly sprung from the ground in front of the horses, causing the adventurer’s to become tangled in the grid of rope. The orc leaped from nearby tall grasses and began attacking the group. After a violent struggle where Bran began dying, to the rogue’s surprise, Braumeus healed him and retrieved the horses, healing them as well. Bran began searching for the orc’s things he had seen him carrying earlier. Surely enough, from the tall grass nearby, Bran found a bag and began searching through the contents. Here he found a letter that seemed to be a bounty for a tall and powerful stone and metal being, marked with a mysterious gear symbol on the wax seal. The party instructs the orc to find this being and capture, not kill him. They also find 200 gold pieces, minted with the Burgundian gnomish inscriptions of that kingdom. Bran then buries the orc in a shallow grave.

Blerb Comic Issues # 1-4

Blerby little sniddlebits of the adventures thus far.


Session SQ 1: To the Hall of Twelve

Party: Braumeus, Bran

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

After seeing off the ill members of the party, Braumeus returns to the house of clan DualHorn. Here, he rests for some brief moments by the fireplace until a knock comes at his door. Answering it, he sees a dainty redhead human girl standing in the darkness of the early morning asking for Warden. He tells her he is not in, however, thinking that he is covering for Warden, she swiftly shuts the door behind them and grapples Braumeus, slapping manacles unto his wrist. She tells him that if Warden won’t see her, then perhaps kidnapping him will draw him out. She goes to look for rope in the utility room nearby and Braumeus takes this chance to get up off his knees and quietly leave. He breaks his manacles and takes the nearest coach towards the Wildfire Mug. On the way there, he sees Devom and End in the distance, in the company of another fellow, making towards the Southern gate. At the Wildfire Mug, he finds Warden speaking quietly with a single fellow wearing dark clothing. Braumeus informs Warden of the events that transpired. Warden relates to him that the girl’s name is Matilda, and that she is the daughter of an old love interest of his who is obsessed with getting revenge on him.

He explains that in the past, he gave the woman a very precious necklace as a proposal of marriage, but that soon after he found that she had been unfaithful to him with none other than his friend who was a noble. His friend, in great shame, decided that the only escape for him was suicide. Later, many years passed until Warden learned that his former fiance had since become a powerful leader of Clan Corvus, and that she had become pregnant from his friend the noble and had a daughter named Matilda. Matilda was born with a terrible deformity on her chest and back, and her mother convinced her it was caused by Warden who had supposedly beaten her during her pregnancy before finally abandoning her to raise Matilda on her own. Warden claimed that this was a consequence to his stealing the necklace back from Lara, the leader of Clan Corvus. Suddenly, as this took place, Matilda came barging through the door in the company of two guards. She pointed at Braumeus and Warden, claiming they beat her. To Braumeus’s surprise, her arms and face were covered in what appeared to be bruises. They splashed her with a bucket of water, and her bruises were revealed to be nothing more than cleverly applied cosmetics. As the guards began to haul her off, she spat a warning at Warden that he will pay for what he’s done to her and her mother.

Braumeus asks Warden if there’s anything he can do to be of some use whilst the others are off searching for the cult’s base. Warden informs Braumeus that the symbol they found from the bug bear during the interrogation in the woodland South of Olsen’s Farmstead may hold the key to who and what the cult is and what they’re all about. He then tells him that it is likely he will find information from a man named Lazurford Pendragon, the sole keeper of the ancient library in the Hall of Twelve, the ruins of an old sages’ college in the judicial district at the capitol city, Vykandor. Unfortunately, Vykandor city lies North of the Rumbling Mountains, and the quickest way to cross the mountain range is through the Jai’Hai’Ki Tunnels. No one has been returning from the tunnels, and even the two guard patrols that were sent out some days ago have yet to return. A messenger in horseback was sent to the guard garrison stationed just outside the tunnels, however, he too has not returned. Braumeus volunteers to investigate the matter further, and much to his surprise, the robed man sitting at the counter opts to join him. The man is a roguish type who goes by the name “Bran”, and although his demeanor is secretive, the fact that he is a trusted ally to Warden is enough for Braumeus. Bran tells the cleric of a stable keeper who owes him a favor, and that they may procure free rental horses for their journey to the tunnels. The two take some hours to prep their supplies and mounts.

Session 4: Into the Wolf's Mouth

Party: Brizmor, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 11

Some time shortly after midnight, End spots several lumbering skeletons shambling about in the dark of night outside the monastery. He lets out a thunderous alarm shout and the entire monastery comes rushing out in surprise. End informs fathers Brizmor and Marthel of the undead outside. Marthel tells the party that the skeletons have appeared in recent weeks, but unlike most undead, have not shown signs of hostility. Marthel tells them they are too numerous for them to handle, but that they should be safe now that Brizmor has returned. One of the corpses outside begins to approach the monastery at the window. This corpse, however, seems to be in an early state of decay compared to the others. He appears to be wearing a necklace with a sun medallion on it. Father Brizmor identifies him as the reason for his trip; the corpse is that of a missing priest named Campus, who had gone missing some days earlier. Brother Campus tells the party that his will and the will of the other corpses are being controlled by a dark entity serving the Worg Queen, and that she wishes to unleash the power of Fenrir upon the world. He tells the party that she is currently somewhere in the depths of a cave near the Wolves Den. The last light of control that Campus has over his corpse dwindles, and he begs the warforged to end their suffering, and his corpse as well as the several other skeletons outside begin to savagely attack the entrance door. The party readies their weapons to attack anything that comes in. As the corpses burst through and destroy the door, father Brizmor looses a brilliant stream of sunlight that crackles with the fires of holiness, instantly obliterating a great majority of the corpses. The party dispatches the remaining undead. End stands guard where the door was and keeps watch as he listens to the others speak. Alden decides it best if he left for Lakeview to gather reinforcements. Vowing to avenge his friend Campus, Brizmor decides he will join the party on their return trip to the cave.

As the sun begins to rise, the party leaves the monastery, and End picks up and keeps Campus’s necklace. They head towards the tunnel. Upon returning to the slope of jagged rocks within the cave, the party finds themselves once again assaulted by arrows. This time, they are able to see a group of robed figures carrying a torchlight at the far end of the chamber. The huddled figures seem to be traveling along a ledge on the cave wall in the distance, and soon, they stand at the top of such a ledge near another ramp that leads down unto where the party is. One of their members call out, asking them what business they have in the cavern. End steps forth and tells the voice that they come bearing a message for the Worg Queen. The voice decides to accept the message on the condition that he and End meet face to face. The two meet in the darkness of the cavern. The robed figure removes his hood and reveals himself to be a drow named Darven of House Varendell. End delivers the message that the Worg Queen and all other weaklings shall be crushed, and the drow appearing amused, tells the warforged that he has no idea what he is getting into. The drow slinks off into the shadows and then rushes up the wall to the ledge where his companions are. End attempts to give chase to them, but one of them throws a torch towards the ramp leading to the ledge where they are, instantly lighting it on fire. End reals back and runs from the approaching inferno. The party eventually follows the ripples of water and find the source of the moving water in the cavern, a small streaming waterfall coming down several rocks. They climb the rocks and find themselves in front of another tunnel entrance with torch lights on each side of the opening. This must be where the drow and his companions disappeared into. They climb into the tunnel, as it leads into a hall of stone in the depths of darkness. Following the length of the tunnel in the guidance of torchlight, they come across a staircase that goes further down. This opens into a chamber where they encounter a the drow who spills a bag of black slimy snakes with little glowing red eyes. They spit acid at the party, but Devom throws a torch into the room and the snakes coil away in fear. The party dispatches the vermin.

Session 3: Stoned Priests and The Legend of Wolf's Ass

Party: Alden, Devom, End

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 9

Several of the group members rapidly progress, growing sicker and sicker. Warden thanks them for their services but decides their symptoms show signs of a savage disease and has them hauled off to a far off city to be treated. Warden finds the halfling child’s worried parents and returns Roman to them.

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 10

Whilst Braumeus the cleric sees the other party members wagoned off, End and Devom rise early in the morning to pay Warden a visit. At his inn, they find him at the bar, not yet open for business but conversing quietly with two men seated at the counter. Warden tells Devom and End that he suspects they may find clues of the Worg Queen and the kidnappers down at the Wolves Den at the cliffs near Priest Hill. The duo are about to take off when Warden sends one of the men at the counter to assist them with their search. Alden Greenthorn, a half-elf and overly polite ranger eager to prove himself sets out with End and Devom. The party soon finds themselves on Capitol Road, the high-road between Kranz and Doburnan, the realm of the dwarves of the Iron Hills, and the path where they came from into Lakeview. As they carry on with their travels, they are suddenly attacked by a large brown bear who sees End. In a very violent display of power, the bear savagely mauls the warforged with his powerful arms, only to have the ironclad warrior cut the bear in half with his mighty great sword as Devom peppers the bear with arrows. In his nervousness, Alden fails to notice the bear at first and stumbles to ready his bow, but before he can loose an arrow, the bear’s life is no more. In a display of victory, End decides to take the bear’s head as trophy, and wears the upper half of it’s head as a grizzly hat. Devom and Alden, not wanting to set him off further, quietly continue towards the Wolves Den. The party arrives at the foot of Priest Hill. Here they find a stone sun dial with a sun symbol engraved into it along with some mountain flowers and a golden coin.

The party offers a prayer to the sun god, Devom and Alden each placing a coin and flowers, while End scoops up a dandy lion and dirty with grass, tossing it unto the offering pedestal at the foot of the dial. The party decides they may get a better lay of the land if they use the altitude of Priest Hill to their advantage, so they decide to climb the zig zag path up the hill. At the top, they find a lone little monastery. The daylight begins to fade but the party is able to gain entrance to the monastery. Their door-knocking is answered by a terrified priest who is left speechless and horrified at the sight of a tall bloodied-bear head-wearing mechanical brute. Alden tells the priest not to worry, that they come in peace and are sent by Warden to seek the missing children of Lakeview. Devom offers the priest some smoking grass to calm him, which works. The priest dismisses his initial bought of fear, and for a moment, forgets the presence of a bear-head wearing metal man, welcoming them into the front hall of the monastery. Here, the priest introduces himself as Marthel, and introduces End to the concept of religion, offering him a book called Yaestael’s Prophecies: Volumes 1-4. The party confers the information of their quest to Marthel, and the priest offers them healing.

The group descends from Priest Hill from the South Western side, down towards the cliff. They peer off into the grounds below in front of the overhang and see that there are several animal trials winding back and forth between the cliffs and Martha’s Wood. Upon arriving at these fields, the party is attacked by several wolves. The party dispatches most of them, but the remainder of them scamper off into hiding. End manages to spit-roast one of them unto his greatsword, and decides to name his new wolf weapon “Wolf’s Ass”. One of them runs off behind a few rock outcroppings, revealing the position of a cave entrance. The party hides behind some bushes outside in case the wolf returns with reinforcements. Eventually, after some hours, a robed human with the same sickly grey complexion as the others they’ve fought emerges from the cave with another wolf at his side. Devom and Alden both dispatch the wolf and injure the robed figure. As the figure makes back for the cave, End intercepts him, killing him. The party rummages through his belongings and find another key, this time, one with a wolf design. The party enters the cave. In it, they find a tunnel that slopes downwards for 90 feet. At half the tunnel’s length, they find a small den that appears to be the living chamber of the robed cultist and his wolves. From here, they leaves and continue down the tunnels remaining length. The tunnel lets out into a large dark chamber. They descend a slippery slope of jagged rocks outcroppings to find themselves standing in front of a large puddle of moving water. Their torchlight reveals a massive ship of some kind, yet it becomes quite a mystery to figure how such a structure could have wound up here in the first place. The ship appears to have a giant vertical break, allowing them to enter.

Within the corpse of the giant ship, they find a strange corridor of smooth and metal floor and walls with several large glass tubes following the length of both walls, all of them broken save for one, containing a very strange aberration corpse. Beyond this hall, they find themselves in a round chamber, with odd glowing runes pulsing aglow with a sinister red shine as their magical energy seems to emit from a central throne of metal. The throne has two large white crystal orbs at the ends of each arm rest, and at the headrest, a round orb with a wicked purple light flickering on and off. The light of the gem is enticing, and Devom reaches out to it. Upon grasping the gem, time seems to stop for Devom, and the entire room is flooded in a hellish scarlet, though End nor Alden seem to notice. Devom suddenly feels a strange menacing presence standing behind him, close at his neck, breathing down into his soul and flooding his mortal spirit with an urge to succumb to the entity’s will. Suddenly, Devom thinks he can see sunlight fill the room, or perhaps his soul, and the sudden grip of darkness that was about to consume him instantly vanishes. He does not tell the rest what transpired and simply pockets the now dim gem away. As though as a response to the gem being removed, the large vessel begins to quiver and fall. The party rushes out the room and narrowly makes it out in one piece as the large Cyclopean structure begins to crumble and fall behind them.

Having sustained some injury, the party opts to return to the outer world. As they reach the top of the ramp of jagged stone outcroppings, a sudden breeze filled with arrows pelts the ground nearest their feet. Alden returns fire, hoping to deter the attackers, but the others rush him along out, as the last thing they need is to fight an enemy with ranged weapons they cannot see. Now late at night, they return to the monastery at Priest Hill. They are once more greeted by Marthel, and they request healing. Marshall welcomes them and introduces them to Father Brizmor, an old human man who was apparently gone for several days. Marthel speaks with the party about how their sanctuary was attacked right after they left by several strange fellows who posed as weary travelers on the run from a monster, and that father Brizmor only recently returned from a trip a few moments ago. Upon letting in the wayward travelers, they harmed several of the priesthood and destroyed many of their books before leaving them with a warning that any who stand in the Worg Queen’s path shall know true terror, and that she will not tolerate any opposition to her will. Brizmor and Marthel offer the group a nights rest and healing. As Devom and Alden sleep in a utility room, End stands watch, peering out through a window next to the entrance doors.

Session 2: Halfling Cult Bait and Old Man Heart Attacks

Party: America, Braumeus, Devom, End, Noctis, Roman

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 8

The party sets out to continue their investigation. As they exit towards the street, they encounter an energetic halfling child named Roman. The party finds an ominous looking wooden toy soldier discarded on the street, with no passerby that may’ve dropped it in sight. As they inspect it, a local human man comes up to them with a look of bewilderment upon his face. The man claims to be the uncle of a young boy, Ethan, who’s gone missing. The man tells the party that that toy soldier was a toy designed and crafted by his father, a carpenter and toy maker who lives and operates from his home near the Northern gate. Ethan’s uncle leads the party to the wood shop, where they meet the man’s father. The old man confirms the toy as his work and expresses concern for his daughter Veronica, the boy’s mother. He pleads the party find the missing children. Meanwhile, Noctis and Devom most unwisely decide to slink off and out of the conversation to sneak into the man’s home looking for any clues. Their efforts turn out to be not only in vein (save for finding a dead fey creature in a jar), but also counterintuitive when Noctis attempts to unlock a room only to drop his lock picking kit and make a loud commotion.

The noise attracts the attention of the old man who wanders in. Words are exchanged and unprovoked accusations are made by the party members which aggravate the situation further. The old man’s demeanor takes a sudden turn for the worst when the Devom asks the man about the dead fairy creature in the jar. The old man’s voice becomes savage and deep, warning them to leave it be. The man’s son interjects and warns his father to not lose control as he knows only bad things have come of it in the past. The old man appears to struggle to restrain himself as the party leaves. Soon after, Ethan’s uncle comes out and tells the party to not return, but if they wish to help his family, he will meet them in seven days at night at the Wildfire Mug to tell them about his father. The party agrees and discuss their next move.

The group decides to inform Warden of a plan to use the small halfling child that’s been following them as bait to draw out the kidnappers in the middle of the most used road in town. Warden seems hesitant, but the child appears confident and agrees. Warden provides the group with several barrels and crates in which to hide at strategic points along the street. Roman is positioned in the middle of the street where, after several hours have gone by, a cart appears being driven by a mysterious robed man. Three bugbears emerge and surround the child, attempting to steal him away. As they do so, the several party members emerge from hiding and engage in combat. The party successfully fends off the would-be kidnappers, killing all but one bugbear. The remaining bugbear goes into a trance as the sky darkens, speaking in a deeper doubled voice not his own. The voice warns the party that the day of reckoning is upon them, and that the Dark Lord shall have his way. The bugbear continues by singing praises of a being called the Worg Queen before collapsing.

End takes hold of the bugbear and the group seek out Warden, only to learn he is out and about on a patrol at the Olsen’s Farmstead with some of his clansmen and other volunteers. The party leaves for the farmstead at night once more and End rushes by with bugbear on shoulder, pushing a wandering cartographer aside with no regard to his safety (what an ass!). The group soon find Warden and his search party out in the fields and show him their new prisoner. Warden becomes enraged and the lot travel to a small wood nestled between some hills on the outskirts of the farmstead. There, they rouse the bugbear to consciousness only to find that he has sustained a serious head injury during their battle in Lakeview. The party notices that the bugbear has returned to a more natural color, whereas all previous enemies they encountered related to their quest had an air of death and evil to them. The bugbear seems to recall nothing of his actions in the recent weeks, but the party manages to extract that the bugbear’s last memory was that a group of three strange robed figures were at his home and that one of them pointed at him before his memory went black. The bugbear dies after being questioned, and the party searches his possessions. There they find a medallion of some sort with the image of a wolf eating a serpent. In handling the bugbears body, several of the party members begin to grow ill. The two groups return to Lakeview.

Session 1: It Started in a Small Town

Party Members: America, Braumeus, Devom, End, Noctis

Month of ShadowFeast, Year 3134, Day 5

Party members arrive at the town of Lakeview, in Kranz. Looking to join the Adventurer’s League and having heard that a clan master named Warden works as a barkeep at the WildFire Mug Inn, the party arrives at the tavern looking to prove themselves. They accept a quest from Warden to look into the disappearances of several children from the town. Warden hands them the picture of a small blonde boy with a scar on his right cheek named Abraham, who is the son of a farmer out in Olsen’s Farmstead. He was last seen playing near the edge of the farmstead at the foot of a nearby hill. Short on leads, the party heads out into town to see what information can be found. The party comes across a guard posting a poster of a boy named Ulricht, who is also missing. The party sets out towards the farmstead in search of clues.

The party borrows a horse-drawn wagon from the local guard station free of charge (courtesy of Warden and the sheriff), leaves Lakeview, and makes for a trek out to Olsen’s Farmstead. On Carpenter’s Road, off to the South, they spot a group of lights and dark figures packed closely together a mile away. Two of the group, End, Devom, and Noctis the rogue, decide to set off to investigate the lights while the other two stay with the horses on the road. As the three begin their approach through the field of tall wheat, a black-robed figure approaches them and warns them that they shan’t dare interrupt a sacred rite. They engage in battle and kill the robed figure. Searching through his belongings, they find an odd key with a winged serpent design.

The three return to the wagon and inform the others of what happened. They set off and find that the lights have gone out, but when they find the spot where they were huddled, they find the wheat flattened out in a circle with several black melted candles encircling the body of a small child severely desiccated, whom they identify as little Abraham. His body is loaded up into the wagon and the group returns to Lakeview, handing off the body and wagon. The party speaks with the sheriff, detailing the events that transpired that night out at Olsen’s Farmstead. The sheriff, finding them competent and powerful fighting-men, offers the party a new quest: to find the group of robed figures they saw and where they are located.

The party returns to Warden at the Wildfire Mug Inn, but instead find his daughter working the nightly shift. Her shrieks at the warforged End alerts Warden who then comes to greet the group. Warden appears distressed at their findings and vows to make them pay, requesting that the party help him do so. Grateful, Warden offers them the bottom floor of his clan house so they may use it as a base of operation, as his own clan members are off on their own adventures. The party rests at the house of clan DualHorn.


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